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Do you speak English o te gustaría aprender? ¡Aprovecha la oferta de septiembre!

Do you speak English o te gustaría aprender? Ofrezco clases de inglés para… Todos los niveles: A1, A2, B1, B2 etc. Clases de preparación para los exámenes de accesos a mayores de 25, CFS o GES. Clases de repaso de la ESO y Bachillerato. Amplio disponibilidad de horarios (mañanas, tardes y sábados por la mañana) Prueba de nivel gratuito y… Leer más →

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English idiom — Dead serious

Idiom: Dead serious If you are dead serious about something it means your absolutely serious; not joking. Example: Tom: You’re joking with me. Bill: No, I’m dead serious. Mary has threatened a divorce a hundred times, but this time she   says she’s dead serious. Leer más →

Something special for Valentine’s day.

If you want to surprise that someone special in you life this Valentine’s day with a message in English or you just want to learn other words related with LOVE. Here are some options.   Thanks American English at State for this. Leer más →

What to expect next week!

This coming week I will start to publish something new every day. Here is the weekly schedule: Monday – False friends Tuesday – Tips / Tongue twisters Wednesday – Phrasal verbs Thursday – Diagrams Friday – Jokes, quizzes or videos Hope you enjoy and keep coming back to see what is new! Leer más →


Good morning everyone and welcome to my webpage. This is my first entrance in my blog. Esto es mi primer entrada en mi blog. Apart from information about the different English levels and the classes I offer; I am also going to try to add different things in the blog area (notes, jokes, pictures, false friends, idioms, etc.) Aparte de… Leer más →

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