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Phrasal verbs — care for

Phrasal verb — care for Verb Meaning Example not care for someone/something not like (formal) I don’t care for his behaviour. Leer más →

Tips — Help for learning English

Tips — Help for learning English Week 7. Tip 7 — Keep a small notebook… write down important phrases. Write down the entire phrases that you hear. When you look back at the notebook later you will have the whole phrase; instead of one word alone, with no example. By writing down the entire phrase your mind remembers it like… Leer más →

False Friends — Editor vs. Editor

Editor vs. Editor English Español Editor = Redactor o corrector Editor = Publisher Leer más →

Phrasal verbs — Care for

Phrasal Verbs — Care for Verb                                             Meaning                                                              Example not care for someone/something                not like (formal)                                          I don’t care for his behaviour. Leer más →

Diagram — Demonstrative Pronouns

  Descárgate el PDF aquí: demonstrative pronouns Leer más →

Phrasal Verbs — Calm down

Phrasal Verbs — Calm down Verb Meaning Example calm down relax after being angry You are still mad. You need to calm down before you drive the car. Leer más →

Tips — Help for learning English

Tips to help you learn English Week 6 — Tip 6 Keep Trying. Don’t Give Up. Professional athletes practice a lot. They weren’t born professional athletes. A ton of hard work and hours went into being so good at what they do. They could never be a professional soccer or baseball player without trying. If a professional athlete stopped practicing… Leer más →

False Friends — Demand vs. Demandar

Damand vs. Demandar English Español Demand = Exigir Demandar = Sue Leer más →

Phrasal Verbs — Call (around, back, off, on, up)

Phrasal Verbs using CALL… Verb Meaning Example call around phone many different places/people We called around but we weren’t able to find the car part we needed. call someone back return a phone call I called the company back but the offices were closed for the weekend. call something off cancel Jason called the wedding off because he wasn’t in… Leer más →

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