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Phrasal verbs — Check…

  Phrasal verbs – check Verb Meaning Example check in arrive and register at a hotel or airport We will get the hotel keys when we check in. check out leave a hotel You have to check out of the hotel before 11:00 AM. check someone/something out look at carefully, investigate The company checks out all new employees. check out… Read more →

Tips — Help for learning English

Tips to help you learn English Week 9. Tip 9. 9. Set goals- Know why you are learning English. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to speak English fluently? Do you want to get a job speaking English? Are you going to travel to the United States / England? Do you need to know English for University?… Read more →

False Friends — Estate vs. Estado

Estate vs. Estado English Español Estate = Finca o bienes Estado = State Read more →

Diagrams – WH-questions

 Descárgate el PDF aquí: WH – Questions Read more →

Phrasal verbs — Catch up

Catch up Verb Meaning Example catch up get to the same point as someone else You’ll have to run faster than that if you want to catch up with Marty. Read more →

Tips — Help for learning English

Tips to help you learn English Week 8. Tip 8. 8. Stop Negative Self-Talk…Do you find yourself saying or thinking negative things about learning English? Such as… • “You will never learn English.” • “Why do I always make mistakes? I am so stupid.” • “I never know what to say. English is so hard.” If you do say these… Read more →

False Friends — Embarrassed vs. Embarazada

Embarrassed vs. Embarazada English Español Embarrassed = Avergonzado Embarazada = Pregnant Read more →

False friends — Educated vs. Educado

Educated vs. Educado English Español Educated = Culto o instruido Educado = Polite, Well-mannered Read more →

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