Mes: diciembre 2014

Tip / English Idioms

English Idiom — ‘Eagle eyes’ Someone who has eagle eyes sees everything; no detail is too small. Example: The students wrote their essays under the eagle eye of the headmaster Leer más →

False Friends — Fabric vs. Fábrica

Fabric vs. Fábrica English Español Fabric = Tejido o tela Fábrica = Factory Leer más →

English Idioms — Diamond in the rough

  ‘Diamond in the rough’ A diamond in the rough is someone or something that has great potential, but isn’t not refined and polished. Example: Sam looks a little scruffy, but he’s a diamond in the rough. Leer más →

False Friends — Exit vs. Exito

Exit vs. Exito English Español Exit = Salida Éxito = Success Leer más →

Phrasal Verbs — Cheer up

  Phrasal verbs – cheer up Verb Meaning Example cheer up become happier She cheered up when she heard the good news. cheer someone up make happier I brought you some flowers to cheer you up. Leer más →

Tips — Help for learning English

Tips to learn English Week 10. Tip 10. 10. Try something new Have been trying to learn English the same way for the last year? Three years? Seven years or more? Try something new! Change is good for you. It will help you grow. • Try listening to English podcast. • Take an online English class. • Listen to music… Leer más →

False Friends — Eventually vs. Eventualmente

Eventually vs. Eventualmente English Español Eventually = Con el tiempo Eventualmente = Provisionally, temporarily Leer más →

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