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Pronunciation of Regular Past Verbs

Teachers usually give a lot of emphasis on the irregular past verbs and how important they are to learn, this is true, but sometimes they forget to teach how to pronounce the regular past verbs. Not all regular verbs have the sound “–ED” but most sound like a “–T” or a “-D”. Here you have a small chart showing how… Leer más →

Those tricky silent letters!

Sometimes the pronunciation of some words of the English words can be a bit tricky due to those silent letters. Here is a small chart with some of those words. La pronunciación de algunas palabras en inglés puede ser un poco complicado a veces debido a esas letras silenciosas. Aquí tenéis una pequeña tabla con algunas de ellas. Leer más →

Phrasal verbs with UP

We are going to start a new series of Phrasal verbs by prepositions. Here you have a few phrasal verbs to start with using the preposition “UP” Sb = somebody, Sth = something Leer más →

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