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What’s the difference between…ALL vs. WHOLE?

What’s the difference between ALL and WHOLE? Ever wondered when you should use ALL and when you should use WHOLE? What is the difference between the two? Both can be used with a singular noun and both mean “complete” or “every part of it”, so then why do we need both words if they mean the same?   You’ll have… Leer más →

What’s the difference between…SAY and Tell?

What’s the difference between….? You SAY something (to someone)   Chris said, “I love you, mom.” Tom says he has a new car. I said that I was sorry.     You TELL someone (something)   Chris told his mom that he loved her. Tom told me he had a new car. I told him that I was sorry.  … Leer más →

What’s the difference between…WIN & BEAT?

Not sure when you should use WIN or BEAT? Here you have a brief explanation of the two words that I hope helps the next time your not sure which one to use. Leer más →

What’s the difference between FOR and DURING?

What’s the difference between FOR and During? Leer más →

Difference between SEE, LOOK and WATCH

What’s the difference between SEE LOOK and WATCH? This is a common question amoung ESL students. Here you have a simple explaination.   SEE is something that you do naturally without really thinking. Example: I opened the door and I saw the cat laying on the porch. Can you see the sign?   LOOK is when you make an effort… Leer más →

Difference between Job, Work and Career

What’s the difference between… JOB, WORK and CAREER? Here I am going to explain the difference between the three as well as giving you some collocations (typical phrases) in which you can use these words.   Leer más →

What’s the difference between LEND and BORROW?

NEW SECTION! Here at Stars and Stripes English we would like to present a new section we are adding to our website. It is called… What’s the difference? In this section, we will look at some of those tricky words that people question. Example the difference between LOOK, SEE & WATCH, SAY, TELL & SPEAK, etc. Today we are going… Leer más →

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