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Phrasal verbs are usually two-word phrases consisting of verb + adverb or verb + preposition. The examples will help you understand the meanings. If you think of each phrasal verb as a separate verb with a specific meaning, you will be able to remember it more easily. Like many other verbs, phrasal verbs often have more than one meaning.

Telephone Phrasal Verbs

Learning phrasal verbs can be fun! It is also a good way to help you remember prepositions if you learn them together with other words. Next time you have to talk on the phone in English, try putting some of these phrasal verbs into practice. Leer más →

Phrasal verbs with UP

We are going to start a new series of Phrasal verbs by prepositions. Here you have a few phrasal verbs to start with using the preposition “UP” Sb = somebody, Sth = something Leer más →

Phrasal verbs with COUNT ON & CROSS OUT

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Phrasal Verbs with CUT

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Phrasal verbs — come

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Phrasal verbs — Clean up

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Phrasal Verb — Chip in

Phrasal Verb – Chip in Verb Meaning Example Chip in help If everyone chips in we can get the kitchen painted by noon. Leer más →

Phrasal Verbs — Cheer up

  Phrasal verbs – cheer up Verb Meaning Example cheer up become happier She cheered up when she heard the good news. cheer someone up make happier I brought you some flowers to cheer you up. Leer más →

Phrasal verbs — Check…

  Phrasal verbs – check Verb Meaning Example check in arrive and register at a hotel or airport We will get the hotel keys when we check in. check out leave a hotel You have to check out of the hotel before 11:00 AM. check someone/something out look at carefully, investigate The company checks out all new employees. check out… Leer más →

Phrasal verbs — Catch up

Catch up Verb Meaning Example catch up get to the same point as someone else You’ll have to run faster than that if you want to catch up with Marty. Leer más →

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