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Diagrams — Past Simple

Diagram — Past Simple Descárgate el PDF aquí: ESQUEMA PAST SIMPLE Leer más →

Phrasal verbs — Break down

  Phrasal verbs – Break down   Verb Meaning Example Break down Stop functioning (vehicle, machine) Our car broke down in middle of the highway. Break down Get upset The women broke down when the doctor told her that her daughter had died. Break something down Divide into smaller parts Our teacher broke the final project down into four separate… Leer más →

English idiom — Call it a day

Call it a day Call it a day can be used to say that a day’s work has been completed, to stop doing something, especially working or to stop some activity. Examples: I‘m tired. Let’s call it a day. The boss was mad because Tom called it a day at noon and went home. After playing together for 20 years… Leer más →

False Friends — Casual vs. Casual

  Casual vs. Casual English Español Casual = informal o despreocupado Casual = chance Leer más →

Difference between DO and MAKE

Difference between DO and Make Something that I am frequently asked is when do you use the verb DO and when do you use the verb MAKE. This is understandable because in some languages they use one verb for both Do and Make (like Hacer in Spanish). Take a look at the following chart that you can use as a… Leer más →

Diagrams — Present Continuous

  Descárgate el PDF aquí: ESQUEMA PRESENT CONTINUOUS Leer más →

Phrasal verbs — blow up / blow (something) up

Phrasal Verbs — blow up / blow something up   Verb Meaning Example blow up explode The racing car blew up after it crashed into the fence. blow something up add air We have to blow 50 balloons up for the party. Leer más →

Love Music?

Love music? Try figuring out the words/lyrics of your favorite songs Watch video clips with lyrics on YouTube and sing along. Read the translation and build up your vocabulary. Sign up to lyrics training, a fun website where you not only listen to your favorite songs but have to fill in the blanks to keep the song going. There are… Leer más →

False Friends — Carpet vs. Carpeta

Good Morning! Carpet vs. Carpeta   English Spanish Carpet = moqueta Carpeta = folder Leer más →

Diagrams — Pronouns 2

Descárgate el PDF aquí: ESQUEMA PRONOUNS 2 Leer más →

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