Toolbox Tip 2

Teaching Tip 2 — Creative Writing Activity Instruction

By: Christine Torres

This activity can be used with Cambridge “Young Learners – Flyers” (A2 level) students. I often do this activity during the last forty minutes of class after we have seen new vocabulary and grammar. This activity is very student – centered, so the teacher can walk around the class as the students are working.

TIME: 30 – 40 minutes, depending on how fast the students work.

MATERIAL NEEDED: “Rory’s Story Cubes”, students are allowed to use their cell phones for an electronic dictionary or a paper dictionary. Paper and pens or pencils.

  1. In the box of dice there are nine 6 sided dice with pictures on every side.  Each student is given a turn to throw the dice and take note (write down the word that best explains) the pictures of their dice.
  2. Students are allowed to choose if they want their stories to interconnect or if they will be individual.
  3. Students are then given 20 – 30 minutes to write their stories which should be around 100 words. While students are writing the teacher walks around the classroom checking the students work and answering any questions that the student may have.
  4. After 30 minutes when all students have finished, they will then read their stories to the class.


  • For students that are quicker in doing their writings they are allowed to decorate their story by adding drawings or a cover page.
  • Students will vote for the best story taking into account ORIGINALITY, PRONUNCIATION and USE OF THE PICTURE DICE.
  • If the activity is done as a group story then the connexion between the stories will be taken into consideration.


  • Give the students the possibility to express themselves and share their ideas with their classmates.
  • Prepare students for writing activities they will have to do in their classes.