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What’s the difference between…ALL vs. WHOLE?

What’s the difference between ALL and WHOLE? Ever wondered when you should use ALL and when you should use WHOLE? What is the difference between the two? Both can be used with a singular noun and both mean “complete” or “every part of it”, so then why do we need both words if they mean the same?   You’ll have… Leer más →

Connector Corner – Connectors of Similarity

Here are some new connectors. Try putting them into practice in your written and oral expression. Over the next few weeks we will be publishing more and if you missed any of the other publications, you can find them in our blog section “Connector Corner“ This week connectors are: “Connectors of Similarity”     Leer más →

Telephone Phrasal Verbs

Learning phrasal verbs can be fun! It is also a good way to help you remember prepositions if you learn them together with other words. Next time you have to talk on the phone in English, try putting some of these phrasal verbs into practice. Leer más →

Curso Intensivo de inglés 2018

Cursos Intensivos de ?? inglés ?? Consigue tu certificado en un mes con SASE Formación Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre Abiertas las plazas de los cursos intensivos de inglés para la obtención de certificados B1, B2 y C1 de Cambridge para los exámenes convocados en junio y julio. Ampliamos los horarios para que puedas asistir a clases tanto de mañanas… Leer más →

What’s the difference between…SAY and Tell?

What’s the difference between….? You SAY something (to someone)   Chris said, “I love you, mom.” Tom says he has a new car. I said that I was sorry.     You TELL someone (something)   Chris told his mom that he loved her. Tom told me he had a new car. I told him that I was sorry.  … Leer más →

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