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Adjective Order

The order of the adjectives in English can be a bit  tricky when learning to speak, read or write in English, especially for Spanish speaking students. Here is a brief diagram of the order we put them in. Click to download the pdf file How to Place Adjectives in Order . Leer más →

How can we tell if I’d is WOULD or HAD?

Good morning! Here is a question I am asked quite often…How can I tell if I’d means would or had?

Captura de pantalla 2016-04-04 a las 16.48.26

Click here if you would like to download the pdf file  I’d would or had

Prepositions of Time

Download pdf file here PREPOSITIONS OF TIME Leer más →

Diagram — Third conditional

Download pdf file here Third Conditional Leer más →

Diagrams — Second Conditional

Download pdf file here Second conditional Leer más →

Diagrams – Conditionals

First Conditional Download pdf file here: First Conditional Leer más →

Diagrams – Conditionals

Zero conditional Download pdf here: Zero conditional Leer más →

Diagrams – WH-questions

 Descárgate el PDF aquí: WH – Questions Leer más →

Diagram — Demonstrative Pronouns

  Descárgate el PDF aquí: demonstrative pronouns Leer más →

Diagrams — While / When

  Descárgate el PDF aquí: WHILE_WHEN Leer más →

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