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Here you will find TIPS to make learning English easier and funner.
ENGLISH IDIOMS, which are phrases where the words together have a meaning that is different from the dictionary definitions of the individual words.

Pronunciation of Regular Past Verbs

Teachers usually give a lot of emphasis on the irregular past verbs and how important they are to learn, this is true, but sometimes they forget to teach how to pronounce the regular past verbs. Not all regular verbs have the sound “–ED” but most sound like a “–T” or a “-D”. Here you have a small chart showing how… Leer más →

Those tricky silent letters!

Sometimes the pronunciation of some words of the English words can be a bit tricky due to those silent letters. Here is a small chart with some of those words. La pronunciación de algunas palabras en inglés puede ser un poco complicado a veces debido a esas letras silenciosas. Aquí tenéis una pequeña tabla con algunas de ellas. Leer más →

Difference between ALL, EVERY & EACH

Have you ever wondered when you should use each of these words? Well, I hope this helps you to better understand their usage. Leer más →

7 Things NOT to Do When Speaking English

Don’t be embarrassed to speak. The only way to learn how to speak English is to open your mouth and speak English! The only way you will ever get better at speaking is by speaking, and speaking a lot! You can make excuses for why you don’t want to speak, like saying that you’re too embarrassed to speak, but these… Leer más →

Adjective Order

The order of the adjectives in English can be a bit  tricky when learning to speak, read or write in English, especially for Spanish speaking students. Here is a brief diagram of the order we put them in. Click to download the pdf file How to Place Adjectives in Order . Leer más →

Stop using VERY!

Here are some other words to use instead of using the word «very». Try to be creative when you speak, anyone can say very good. Why not aim to be superb? Leer más →

Other ways of responding to a THANK YOU

Have you ever wondered if there were other ways of responding when someone thanks you? Here are some different ways you can answer: «You’re welcome» «My pleasure» «Happy to help» «Don’t mention it» «Not at all» «Of course» «Anytime» «No problem» «You bet» «Sure thing» Now next time someone thanks you for holding the door or something, try one of… Leer más →

Recipe how to speak English faster

I know what you are thinking, «A recipe on an English learning page?» Well this is a special recipe. I found it and thought maybe some of you would like to give it a try. Do you have any other methods that have helped you to speak English better or faster? Please share them with us.   Leer más →


Here is a list of commonly used prepositions to help with your writings. Download pdf file PREPOSITIONS Leer más →

Super Synonyms!

Are you tired of using the same words again and again? Try substituting for one of these. Download pdf file here  SUPER SYNONYMS Leer más →

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