English Idioms – Hit the Books

A new idiom for today – “Hit the books” What it means: To study diligently In a sentence: “I can’t go out this weekend; I have to hit the books for my English exam.” Read more →

What we have all been waiting for…It’s Friday!

What we have all been waiting for…It’s Friday! What plans are your plans for the weekend? Have a good weekend and make lots of memories! Read more →

Ways to ask someone to phone you

Ways to ask someone to phone you… Give me a ring when you can. Give me a bell tomorrow. Give me a buzz tonight. Give me a shout later. Read more →

Connector Corner – Connectors of Addition

Over the next few weeks we will take a look at the different types of connectors and how to use them. Our first set of connectors are the ones for adding information. Read more →

English idioms – I could eat a horse

A new idiom for today (I’m so hungry) I could eat a horse = you are extremely hungry Read more →

Just another Manic Monday!

Why does the weekend have to go by so fast? Here is a song from the Bangles to help get the week started. Have a GREAT day everyone!   Read more →


TGIF = Thank God It’s Friday and the weekend is almost here! What plans do you have for the weekend?   Read more →

What’s the difference between…WIN & BEAT?

Not sure when you should use WIN or BEAT? Here you have a brief explanation of the two words that I hope helps the next time your not sure which one to use. Read more →

New film in English

¿Estas aprendiendo inglés y te gusta el cine? Come and watch a new film with us. SASE formación tiene el placer de poder ofrecerte películas en version original y subtitulado en inglés…y lo mejor de todo es que es completamente GRATIS. Viendo el cartel que hemos creado, ¿Sabes cual es la película?  Reserva el día 2 de diciembre a las… Read more →

Hello Monday!

Good Morning Everyone! New week and new goals! What goals do you have for the week? ¿Que metas tienes esta semana? Si una es aprender inglés nunca es demasiado tarde para empezar. Ponte en contacto conmigo y déjame ayudarte. Read more →

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