Difference between DO and MAKE

Difference between DO and Make

Something that I am frequently asked is when do you use the verb DO and when do you use the verb MAKE.

This is understandable because in some languages they use one verb for both Do and Make (like Hacer in Spanish).

Take a look at the following chart that you can use as a guideline to help you understand the difference and when to use each one.



Work, Jobs and Tasks

Product Material / Origin

Do the housework Made of gold
Do your homework Made from grapes
Do a good job Made in China
Do your chores Made by me

Non-Specific Activities

Produce a Reaction

Do something Make your eyes water
Do nothing Make you happy
Do anything Make you sleepy
Do everything Make you smile

Replace verb when obvious

Plans and decisions

Do your hair Make arrangements
Do the dishes Make a decision
Do the exam Make a choice
Do the laundry Make a plan

Drink and meals

Speaking and sounds

Make a cake Make a noise
Make breakfast Make a comment
Make dinner Make a speech
Make a cup of coffee Make a suggestion