Collocations with BREAK

Collocations with BREAK

Don’t forget that below the graphic you will find the Spanish translation for them as well as examples.


Break the law

Example: When the robbed the bank, they broke the law.

Infringir la ley
Break the spell

Example: They gazed at one another, until Sam came in and broke the spell.

Romper el encanto
Break a promise

Example: You promised not to be late, but you broke your promise.

Romper una promesa
Break a habit

Example: Smoking is bad for you, so try to break the habit.

Abandonar un hábito
Break a leg

Example: Tonight, is opening night, break a leg!

“Mucha mierda” (“Suerte” en teatro)
Break free

Example: She’ll never be happy until she breaks free of her family.

Break the news to someone

Example: They broke the news to her very delicately.

Dar la noticia a alguien
Break the bank

Example: When he was in Las Vegas, he broke the bank.

Saltar la banca
Break the rules

Example: In football you shouldn’t break the rules.

Romper las reglas
Break loose

Example: He broke loose and moved to Barcelona.

Break the record

Example: The broke the record in the athletics competition.

Batir el record
Break the ice

Example: He broke the ice and asked her what her name was.

Romper el hielo