Collocations with GO

The collocation for this week is with GO:

Don’t forget that below the graphic you will find the Spanish translation for them and examples.

Go bald

Example: My father is going bald.

Quedarse calvo
Go insane

Example: Sara went insane after the kidnapping and had to be hospitalized for over a year.

Volverse loco
Go missing

Example: My diamond earrings have gone missing.

Go overseas

Example: My brother is going overseas to France next Saturday.

Ir al extranjero cruzando mar o océano
Go bankrupt

Example: He invested in a company that went bankrupt.

Declararse en quiebra / quedar en bancarrota
Go out of business

Example: After twenty years of business the company went out of business.

Go abroad

Example: We are going abroad to Portugal.

Viajar al extranjero
Go astray

Example: Marta became a counselor to help teenagers who go astray.

Ir por mal camino / perderse
Go crazy

Example: I think I’m going crazy. This morning I found my trainers in the fridge.

Volverse loco
Go bad

Example: The fridge broke down and the food in it went bad.

Pudrirse / echarse a perder