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What’s the difference between…ALL vs. WHOLE?

What’s the difference between ALL and WHOLE? Ever wondered when you should use ALL and when you should use WHOLE? What is the difference between the two? Both can be used with a singular noun and both mean “complete” or “every part of it”, so then why do we need both words if they mean the same?   You’ll have… Leer más →

What’s the difference between…SAY and Tell?

What’s the difference between….? You SAY something (to someone)   Chris said, “I love you, mom.” Tom says he has a new car. I said that I was sorry.     You TELL someone (something)   Chris told his mom that he loved her. Tom told me he had a new car. I told him that I was sorry.  … Leer más →

Connector corner – Connectors of Time & Sequence

This week in connector corner we have: Leer más →

Connector Corner – Connectors of Cause and Reason

This week in Connector Corner we have: Connectors of Cause & Reason Leer más →

Connector Corner – Connectors of Addition

Over the next few weeks we will take a look at the different types of connectors and how to use them. Our first set of connectors are the ones for adding information. Leer más →

Common mistakes in English — FUN or FUNNY?

Common mistakes in English – FUN or FUNNY? This is one of the mistakes I see the most or I am asked about most. “When should I use each one?” — I hope that this helps all of you the next time you have to choose between which one to use. FUN FUNNY Adjective (“divertido” o “entretenido”) or Noun (“diversión”)… Leer más →

Common Mistakes in English — YOUR vs. YOU’RE

Your vs. You’re This week our common mistake is with the words “YOUR” and “YOU’RE”. These two words can often be confusing. Here is an explanation to help you know when to use each one correctly. Leer más →

Common mistakes THEN vs. THAN

Today our common mistake is with the use of THEN and THAN. Here are a few differences between the use of the two. Leer más →

Common mistakes in English Good or Well

Common Mistakes in English While practicing English, have you ever asked yourself which word you should use? Which one is correct? In this section we will look at some common mistakes.     Leer más →

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