Tips – Help for learning English

Tips to help you learn English

Week 2 – Tip 2

2. Don’t apologize for not knowing everything or “Not speaking English!”

You are learning English… You are trying, right? That’s what’s important. You don’t say “I don’t know how to cook that.” and stop cooking new things or “I don’t now how to use a computer.” and stop using new computer apps and programs. You just keep doing your best and you learn more and more as time goes on.

Please don’t say ‘I DON’T speak English’. Instead you could say:

• “I am learning English. Could you speak a little slower?”
• “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand.”
• “Could you repeat that?”
• “So, you’re saying that…. [rephrase what you heard]”.
• “What does _________ mean?”