Collocations with COME

The Collocation for this week is COME.

Below the graphic you will find the Spanish translation for them and examples.

Come in first

Ex: In the Boston Marathon, Peter came in first.

Entrar / llegar primero
Come late

Ex: Yesterday, he came late to the dinner meeting.

Llegar tarde


Come prepared

Ex: The invitation said, come prepared to have a fun!

Venir preparado
Come into view

Ex: As we drove over the hill the river came into view.

Aparecer / hacerse visible o acercarse para ser visto
Come to terms with

Ex: The child had to come to terms with his parents’ divorce.

Empezar aceptar o tratar con algo difícil o desagradable.
Come to a standstill

Ex: Due to the strike, the production line came to a standstill.

Ralentizar y finalmente parar / parar completamente
Come to an agreement

Ex: The two lawyers came to an agreement.

Llegar a un acuerdo
Come to a decision

Ex: Sarah came to a decision about her job.

Tomar una decisión
Come to an end

Ex: After three hours, the meeting came to an end.

Concluir/ terminar
Come on time

Ex: Please, come on time.

Llegar a tiempo
Come close

Ex: I didn’t recognise him till he came closer.

Acercarse a alguien o algo / aproximarse a alguien o algo por una cualidad especifico
Come in last

Ex: Susan came in last in the swimming tournament.