English Slang — SMS/TEXT/CHAT vocabulary

English Slang

I’m sure that you have probably seen some of these acronyms online in social media or if you chat with a native speaker online by SMS, FB, Whatsapp etc.

Here you have some slang acronyms. Now try to put them into use the next time you chat with someone and have some fun!

ASAP= As soon as possible LOL = Laugh out loud
ATM = At the moment LMAO = Laughing my ass off
B4 = Before OMG = Oh my God
BF = Boyfriend NP = No problem
BRB = Be right back PLS = Please
BTW = By the way SBY = Somebody
CU = See you STH = Something
FB = Facebook TBH = To be honest
FML = F**k my life THX = Thanks
FYI = For you information TMI = Too much information
GF = Girlfriend TTYL = Talk to you later
HRU = How are you? WKND = Weekend
IMO = In my opinion WTF? = What the f**k?
L8R = later XOXO = Hugs and kisses